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I'm getting a low battery message - Can I replace the batteries myself?

Most often, yes you can. We advise you acknowledge the message in your system (from your app or the panel) to stop the alert, and then call our office. We will determine which device is issuing the notification. If it’s one we need to handle for you, we’ll make that service appointment with you. If it’s one you can do, we’ll advise you what kind of batteries are needed and how to change them. 
You can arrange a service call for us to replace them if it’s inconvenient or physically difficult for you to do it safely yourself.

For directions on how to change batteries in a device, go to and scroll down to BATTERY REPLACEMENT and find the link to the particular device.

We got a very loud alert for a weather event - what do we do?

These only come for Tornados, Wildfires, and Tsunamis; and are originated by the National Weather Service. Most likely, in our area, it will be a tornado warning – meaning that there is a high chance of a tornado in your immediate area (not just East TN). Our systems are designed to keep you safe, so please take heed when you hear the alert. When the danger is clear, you can just acknowledge the message in your system (from your app or the panel) to stop the alert from sounding. The system will reset after you do this.

We are selling our house, & need to cancel our service - How do we do that?

Call the office as soon as you know you need to sell. All orders to cease monitoring must come in written form (either physical paper or email). This is a security and legal requirement to protect you from having your system monitoring stopped without your authorization.

Depending on your agreement, you may still have a contractual obligation to pay. However, because we are a local company with flexibility, we might be able to offer options for you. Some of the options that MIGHT be available include: move your system with you, allow the new owner to continue the agreement, end the contract with no further obligation, pay the buy-out as stipulated in your agreement, or some other solution unique to your situation.

Note that our Smart Security Systems are a very desirable amenity in a home. As such, you will need to talk to your real estate agent. Let them know if you will be leaving the system fully intact, having us remove all or part of it, offering a credit for the new homeowner to take over your agreement, etc. These stipulations must be declared at the time of listing your home.

What’s included in the monthly monitoring fee?

There are three main components to an agreement with us, whether you are on month-to-month or a three year contract. The first is 24/7/365 professional monitoring. (see this page for more information).

The second component is the Smart Home Security platform. This connection enhances your system from being just an in-home only intrusion/alarm system, into an interactive smart system that you can control from a mobile app no matter where you are. Features include device inter-connectivity and triggered responses, scheduling, notifications and alerts, geo-fencing, and more.

The third component is the preferred customer service status His Security & Technology gives you. Whenever you need us to help solve a problem, we are there to help. Most often that might mean a phone call, and some technical support. But, it might also mean a service call to your home/business location. If the issue is not covered by warranty (no charge to you), we have a reduced rate charge for us to come to you and resolve the issue. But it also means on-going training throughout our relationship, special discounts on upgrades, referral program (wouldn’t you like to earn free monthly monitoring?), and more.

We are interested in cameras - Do you charge a monthly fee for those?

There are two types of cameras we provide. Depending on the type you buy, you may or may not have a monthly subscription type charge. To find out more about the differences in these types of cameras, please visit this page.

Convenience cameras collect clips of video and feed those up into the cloud. Because there are storage requirements out on the web, we do need to charge for that. Rates vary based on the camera (doorbell vs. interior or exterior video camera).

Security cameras, however collect video to an on-site NVR. We connect that NVR to the internet so you can have remote access. But, because nothing is being stored on the web, there are no monthly fees associated with these types of cameras.

I got a new phone and my app doesn’t work the same - How do I get it to work again the way I want it?

Call the office. Our staff is prepared to go through the process over the phone with you, step-by-step to get you back where you want to be. You will need to know your password (to your account) to update the app.

My credit card was compromised - How do I update that information for my monthly fees?

Call the office with the new information. We will update our system.

My insurance agent is requesting a Certificate of Installation - What is that and how do I get one?

When we first installed your security system, we issued a certificate. However, insurance companies often request these on a regular basis to verify you are still covered, and to maintain your discounts. Call the office or send an email. We will provide you with an up-to-date certificate showing what is installed, monitored, date of install, etc. Check with your agent at these times. Some smart system features (like water leak sensors), or integrated and monitored smoke or CO detection, might provide you with additional discounts.