Structured Wiring & Network Solutions

Structured wiring and network solutions

What is structured cabling? It is the technology backbone or infrastructure of your business.

With today’s demanding technologies and network needs, it is important to make sure that you have the proper infrastructure in place for today and tomorrow’s needs.  Items that would be included in structured cabling are computer locations, wireless access points,  media locations such as TVs or conference rooms,  music, IP Telephone connections, printers, and just about anything else that you can think of that would need network connection.

    In today’s world there is a plethora of choices and opinions regarding what to use. So whether you are going to use Cat6, Cat5e, Fiber optics, or some other backbone, you want to partner with someone that is forward-thinking to make sure you have all aspects covered in the beginning, not trying to figure it out in the end.

    • There should be a design plan in place to make sure that you have access points where needed.
    • What type of media do you want to stream on that TV in the lobby?
    • And, of course, thinking of future needs as well.
    Structured wiring and network solutions

    Much like residential structured wiring, the concept is to have this infrastructure created in a “structured” design to create ease of use and longevity of this backbone.  However, in a commercial environment, this is much more crucial than in a residential environment. The placement and protection of this infrastructure or backbone is crucial to its longevity, and its operation:

    • Making sure that the cabling is installed in a manner that it will be out of the way of other trades equipment, conduits and wiring
    • Making sure that it will be secure, both in installation and in access
    • Making sure that it is not in the way of any other structural impediments or devices

    Let’s talk about the term “head end”. This is where all of the cabling will terminate and connect to the needed equipment. This location is usually in the IT Closet or Telecommunications room. Several pieces of equipment are always suggested; like an equipment rack, cable rack and other items to keep the cabling structured and maintainable.  The equipment rack is also where the primary equipment will most likely be installed, such as network switch, labeled patch panel, camera system NVR/Server, network server, or any other equipment needed.

    How about security needs? The wiring for systems such as cameras, burglar alarms, access control, and fire systems should also be included in this wiring.  You may also need to think about access to this IT Room, and other areas within your business. These are all items that should also be a part of your structured cabling conversation and planning. That is why partnering with a company that can handle all of your technology needs is very important.

    Structured wiring and network solutions

    His Security & Technology is dedicated to making sense of all of the technology and needs for your growing business. We want to partner with you to make sure we identify the needs and wants in the beginning of your project, and complete it in a manner that you will be prepared for years to come to flourish.