Intrusion Detection

Commercial intrusion detection

The first line of defense when protecting a business is usually detecting unauthorized access and intrusion. Gone are the days of basic burglar alarms. With today’s technology, His Security & Technology, partnered with, provides industry leading technology. Layers of tamper protection and system outage reporting give a business owner or manager immediate alerts and peace of mind by minimizing common vulnerable areas of coverage.

Utilizing a powerful phone app, you can be alerted to just about anything that happens, no matter if you are across town or across the world. Sophisticated systems at an affordable price means you can easily reduce risk, secure your property, and protect your business and employees.

Smash & Crash Protection

A Security System for Your Security System™

The patented “Crash & Smash” detection technology ensures that even if an intruder is able to locate and destroy a control panel in an attack, a signal will still be sent to the central monitoring station for help.

With Crash & Smash Protection,  security system destruction can be detected during the entry delay, dialer delay or alarm dialing process.’s advanced technology also enables the use of important false alarm reduction features without compromising security in the event of a real intrusion.

Commercial intrusion detection smash and crash protection

Dedicated Connection

Many service providers offer security solutions that rely on a connection shared with other services.

If you have ever had your cable go out, power go out, or internet go down then you have experienced a time when your system would not have worked.

Make sure you are covered when you need it most. Get a dedicated connection and stay protected.

If you are going to invest in protecting your business, make sure it works when you need it. Having a dedicated communication path for your security system will ensure you cover these common vulnerabilities and stay protected when you need it.

  • Dedicated to security
  • 24 hr. protect in power outage
  • Always-on protection
  • Defeats common vulnerabilities
  • Independent, reliable and secure
Commercial intrusion detection dedicated connection

Layers of Response

Notify – Alert – Alarm

Our system designers will survey your business, assessing vulnerabilities, and interview you to discover your main concerns. With this information, we utilize a layered approach to securing your business. Each device within the system can be programmed for different responses in changing and variable conditions. Just need to be alerted when the back door is opened during open hours? Perhaps there is a supply closet inside that your manager needs to monitor through notifications. But, you need the alarm to sound and authorities called during off hours when any of these events happen? Three differing responses depending on the situation.

Which devices can assist in detecting intrusion?

Window and Door Sensors
• Fully supervised
• Tamper protected

Motion Sensor
• Dual element sensor with 30 ft. by 50 ft. range

Glass Break Detector
• Monitors for the sound of breaking glass

Custom-Placed Sensors
• Compact size, only 2 ½ in. long
• Can be attached to anything that opens/closes

Image Sensor
• Advanced PIR motion sensor with an onboard camera, allowing a “peak-in” view when it’s triggered

Commercial intrusion detection

System History

Look back at activity over time or search for specific events. With our always-aware sensors and searchable event history, you can review any activity by sensor, type of event, date or time.

Personalized User Security System Codes

Create unique user codes for your staff and delivery vendors, and know who’s coming and going, and who armed or disarmed the system. Enable or disable codes at any time.

  • Set rules to enable certain user codes to work only during specified periods
  • Create user-specific rules
Personalized user security system codes

Integrated Access Control

His Security & Technology’s powerful interactive security offering gives you unprecedented control over your property.

Connected Locks

His Security & Technology can send you immediate alerts via text or email to notify you:

  • When someone unlocks the door
  • Know who entered your property and when

Plus, using His Security & Technology’s automation solutions, you can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed or unlock when the system is disarmed.

The End of Key Copies

Set up unique user codes for people who are authorized to enter your property. Know exactly who is accessing your property, and when they unlock and lock the door.

Door Locks

Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your business. His Security & Technology seamlessly integrates door lock control to our intelligent platform, giving you the same real-time visibility, control and customized automation options that you have for your security system.

  • Remotely un-lock your door from anywhere
  • Automatically arm your alarm system
  • Automatically disarm you alarm system
  • No need to make copies of your access door key
  • Open the door for the delivery person, even when you’re away

Integrated commercial access control


Easy to use custom triggers let you consolidate multiple actions into one to control your lights, locks and thermostat automatically. For example, set a trigger to automatically arm your system and turn off the lights when you leave and lock the front door, so that you don’t have to remember to do it.


Have one setting for when the staff arrive home at the beginning of the work day, and a different setting for weekends and holidays.

His Security & Technology Commercial visual verification

Visual Verification

Image Sensor 

he motion sensor has evolved. Our wireless Image Sensor is an advanced PIR motion sensor with an onboard camera that captures a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you. Now, you can have at-a-glance visibility into what’s happening at home, wherever you are.

Integrated Convenience Cameras

Often called a cloud-based security camera by others, our smart security systems powered by provide the option on integrating cameras into the system. These cameras offer cloud based clip storage, ‘real time’ remote access from the mobile app, and triggered response based on other system activities and triggers.


Security Cameras

Our true security cameras offer HD recordings, both day and night; uninterrupted recording to a local NVR that can be access from anywhere through an internet connection; analytics based on programmed trap zones and tripwires; and more.