Access Control for business

Access control for business

Know who’s in and around your business at any time with HIS Security, LLC.  Always know who is coming and going. Now you can remotely monitor and control the main access points of your property – including entry door locks and restricted areas. It’s easy to manage all access points to your business, remotely lock or unlock doors, assign user codes, and monitor daily activity.

  • Avoid giving out keys and wondering where they will end up!
  • Buzz visitors in remotely
  • Customize notifications to know who entered your property and when
  • Manage users and their access permissions from anywhere
  • Utilize codes, cards, or badges to grant access to your employees
  • Restrict entry to sensitive areas and receive notifications if and when they are accessed

Customize who has access

Gone are the days when everyone in the company used the same code. Now everyone can have their own, easy to remember code. Managing your staff and the cleaning crew? Track when they come and go.

Go beyond a security alarm code, but integrate locks right into the system. Forget giving out copies of keys, set up unique entry codes instead. And, never again worry about leaving a door unlocked. His Security & Technology’s powerful interactive security offering gives you unprecedented control over your property.

  • Give staff access with unique lock codes, and get alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.
  • Set rules to enable certain user codes to work only during specified periods – so the cleaning crew’s code will only work during week nights between 5pm and 9pm – and disable the code at any time.
  • Create user-specific rules – for example, have the security system disarm only if those specific codes are used to unlock a door so that you don’t have to provide a security code.

Customize who has access control for business

Integrated Access Control

HIS Security, LLC’s powerful interactive security offering now integrates unprecedented control over your property. Access Control can now function as a part of a smart security system, with control in one easy-to-use mobile app or desktop dashboard. History and business reporting all available to help you make your business run more effectively and efficiently.

Connected Locks

HIS Security, LLC can send you immediate alerts via text or email to notify you:

  • When someone unlocks the door
  • Know who entered your property and when

Plus, using HIS Security, LLC’s automation solutions, you can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed or unlock when the system is disarmed.

The End of Key Copies

Set up unique user codes for people who are authorized to enter your property. Know exactly who is accessing your property, and when they unlock and lock the door.

Integrated access control for business

Door Locks

Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your business. HIS Security, LLC seamlessly integrates door lock control to our intelligent platform, giving you the same real-time visibility, control and customized automation options that you have for your security system.

  • Remotely un-lock your door from anywhere
  • Automatically arm your alarm system
  • Automatically disarm you alarm system
  • No need to make copies of your access door key
  • Open the door for the delivery person, even when you’re away


Easy to use custom triggers let you consolidate multiple actions into one to control your lights, locks and thermostat automatically. For example, set a trigger to automatically arm your system and turn off the lights when you leave and lock the front door, so that you don’t have to remember to do it.


Have one setting for when the staff arrive home at the beginning of the work day, and a different setting for weekends and holidays.

Access control for business

A smart business is a secure business

Do you know your History?

An online portal holds all the data so you can review what has happened, even when you are away. Beyond the daily activities of your business, this data can help you discover issues to address, points of vulnerability, and even when something just isn’t right.

Unexpected Events

This data is such a powerful collection, has enabled you to received alerts when something happens different from your normal patterns. These notices let you know when something odd happens, and gives you the ability to investigate for your own safety and security.

Access control for business

Business Insights

His Security & Technology makes it easier to monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customizable alerts you can instantly see whether the business opened on time, know who disarmed the security system, and even get images sent to your phone if a secure area is accessed.

  • Check the system status remotely to know if it’s armed or disarmed
  • See who armed or disarmed the system
  • Get a No-show Alert if the business isn’t opened on time
  • Monitor daily or weekly opening/closing activity trends
  • Receive Image Alerts for specific activity with the His Security & Technology Image Sensor
Access control for business insights

Gate Control

Keep traffic flowing and your property secure. His Security & Technology has solutions for controlling access to your property with different electronic gate control devices. Setting up and managing unique codes and alerts, similar to door access within the building, is now possible. Designed with safety in mind, these systems have quick-close features, prop open alerts, battery backups, safety sensors, and more. Plus, solar powered options are common.

Need to see your visitors before opening the gate? We have integrated live-stream video solutions to make visitor management efficient and secure.