Never again worry about leaving a door unlocked, or the garage door open. HIS Security, LLC’s powerful interactive security offering gives you unprecedented control over your property.

  • Give visitors temporary access with unique lock codes, and get alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door.
  • Set rules to enable certain user codes to work only during specified periods – so the contractor’s code will only work during weekdays between 8am and 5pm – and disable the code at any time.
  • Create user-specific rules – for example, have the security system disarm only if those specific codes are used to unlock a door so that you don’t have to provide a security code.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed
  • Stay aware with email and text notifications
  • Control your locks and garage doors via the web or mobile app
  • Get reminded when you leave your house unlocked, based on Geo location, so you can lock remotely.

Connected Locks
Stay in Charge. HIS Security, LLC can send you immediate alerts via text or email to notify you:

  • When someone unlocks the door.
  • Know who entered your property and when.
  • Plus, using HIS Security, LLC’s automation solutions, you can have the doors lock whenever the security system is armed or unlock when the system is disarmed.

The End of Key Copies
Stop leaving the key under the doormat. Use HIS Security, LLC’s door lock security features to:

  • Set up unique user codes for people who are authorized to enter your property.
  • Know exactly who is accessing your property, and when they unlock and lock the door.
  • Avoid giving out keys and wondering where they will end up!
  • Unlock your door from your smartphone no matter where you are.