Professional Monitoring


Like most security companies, His Security & Technology employs a Central Monitoring Station to provide 24/7/365 professional monitoring. Living in a Smart Home can be very convenient. But, having the foundation of that system built on security and safety is a life saver.

The smartest things about a His Security & Technology smart home security system are the proactive safeguards designed to provide for your family’s or staff’s security and safety. Your system’s advanced technology detects potential danger and takes action on your behalf.

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What does it do?  

If you want to guarantee 24-7 protection of your home or business, professional alarm monitoring is the best security system solution

An unmonitored system will merely sound an alarm in an emergency, and maybe send you an alert. Depending on where you are located in comparison to your home or business, you won’t be able to just dial 911 to report an emergency. You will have to check your emotions, and the overwhelming desire to race home. In the stress of the moment, you will have to call the appropriate number and relay important information in a way that the authorities can clearly know how to proceed.

In an alarm event at your home or business—a break-in, carbon monoxide detected, or fire—a smart security system from His Security & Technology sends an emergency signal, via dedicated cellular connection, to a 24-7 monitoring station. There, a trained security professional will contact you to make sure the threat is real, assess the situation, and then quickly dispatch first responders if needed – for you.

How important is professional monitoring?

Do you need a service like this? After all, there are plenty of connected cameras and motion-detecting smart devices out there, all capable of alerting you to activity at home with a quick smartphone message.

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  • Alerts are easy to miss. What if you’re not available when a break-in happens? What if you’re at the gym, or swimming, or at the movies with your phone on “do not disturb”. Maybe you’re on an airplane, or even just asleep.

  • It’s inconvenient. Checking every alert, sorting harmless activity from the suspicious, and investigating each one, 24-7, won’t be easy.  So you might think that DIY camera is providing security, but when you have to resolve all the alerts yourself, you’ll end up investing plenty of time. And, most of the time, you’ll start to ignore those notices because of so many false alarms.
  • This isn’t your job. If there’s an emergency at home, your job is to focus on one thing: keeping you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. It’s our job to install the equipment correctly to minimize false alarms, and to make sure a trained professional is there to assist you in an emergency.
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A Professionally Monitored System

  • Can save you money. Many insurance companies offer a discount on insurance when you have professional monitoring. Ask your agent!
  • Can provide immediate assistance. With the included Smart Signal feature, you can even send an emergency signal to your monitoring station from your phone if you’re in danger. They’ll take care of the rest, while you get to safety.
  • Provides layers of protection. His Security & Technology adds layers of security. We register a duress code for our customers, allowing them the safety of a special emergency code that the monitoring center staff will recognize, but the criminal won’t. Authorities will be dispatched knowing there is an active threat.

In addition, built-in Insights Engine, Geo-Services, and Crash and Smash protection are all examples of layered proactive safeguards that work on their own and on your behalf, by using’s cloud intelligence and real-time data from connected devices within your property.

When emergency strikes, everyone needs help. So His Security & Technology has partnered with the best monitoring center to provide the best care for their customers.