Yes, making you home smarter is a great idea – but going without a professional like #HisSecurity – not so smart.

“…two-thirds (67 percent) of consumers surveyed are struggling in their use of common connected devices…”
This article brings the statistics into clear focus – DIY (do it yourself) smart home tech is not easy nor very smart for most consumers. Why? Because setting it up, connecting it, and sometimes even trying to use it can be a challenge for most people who are not IT proficient.
Want to have 5 different IoT things and the subsequent 5 different apps on your phone? How about paying for this technology and then out of frustration, not ever using it? Who do you call for tech support? Your friends, family, web buddies?

We didn’t even mention the price of these items. Did you know that you can buy most Smart Home technology through His Security & Technology at a comparable price as getting something similar from a DIY store or the internet?
Oh, and our products INCLUDE installation, integration and set-up.

And, did we mention it’s all on ONE app?

Cool factor, check. Efficiency gained through programming and remote access, check. Working and integrated system, check. Continual help and technical assistance available, check.

Thinking about Smart Home Tech? Be smart, and call His Security & Technology.