#TechTuesday Home Away for the Holidays? Shane Cox from #B975Knoxville and Scott Brockamp from #HisSecurity discussing how an interactive #SmartHome #Security System can make holiday travel easier and less stressful. Know what’s going on at home to reduce stress – monitor doors, locks, temperature and more.

Make your home more secure while you’re gone with 24/7 professional monitoring and clever use of the automation features to spook possible burglars by making them wonder if someone is home or not. Automate radios, lights, TVs and more. Along with signs of alarm and camera surveillance these things can make your home the least desirable break-in target.

And BTW – don’t tell the world on FaceBook that you’re gone; post pictures when you get back. Thieves actually watch social media as a form of surveillance.

More info here http://www.alarm.com/blog/Secure-Your-Home-Holiday-Travel
And http://www.alarm.com/blog/smart-front-door-infographic