Who Can It Be Now?
A new generation of Video Doorbell is available, and it is awesome!

WHO?     Yes, you
CAN       see more,
IT        is state-of-the-art.
BE          more aware…
NOW…     the next-generation Alarm.com Video Doorbell.

During COVID we got retrained to answer our front doors, albeit with more concern for contact and social distancing. In today’s world, more and more people are installing doorbell cameras as a way to know what’s going on at home and take immediate steps if something is detected. But, more and more people are finding out that not all doorbell cameras are created equal. Some lag between the detection of motion and the notification. Some are collecting data that the manufacturer (and controller of the online software) are using for purposes other than keeping you safe. Others are sold as a “security” device, but their record of protecting your privacy leaves a LOT to be desired.

There are many different considerations to be debated and deliberated before purchasing a Video Doorbell (aka doorbell camera). One of the reasons His Security & Technology partners with Alarm.com is that they are a leader in research and development when it comes to security devices and platforms. They proactively seek out solutions to make life easier and safer for our customers. In 2021, Alarm.com released a new Video Doorbell. We are very proud to offer it to our customers because it has been developed with a great deal of intention, insight, and consideration for what people need NOW!

So, WHO is at your door? Can you see and talk to them without opening your door? Do you get a notification on your smart phone at the same time as the doorbell chime? Or instead of (more on that later) the door chime? With this new generation of Video Doorbell, conversations have been improved. It’s real-time (faster than previous versions). It has a new way of uploading and delivering to the app on your phone, because they’ve cut a layer out of that transmission process. What about that video? Is it HD resolution? Can the camera capture video with IR night vision? Absolutely!

Know WHO, not what, is there. How many times has your doorbell camera notified you that it detected motion, only to see a video of a bird or bug? Or maybe even a piece of trash blown into range of the porch? This Video Doorbell provides a faster feed and more accurate notifications; minimized false-positives. No more bugs, just rapid people detection from analytics, not a motion detector. Wait? What?! Intelligent Analytics can parse the difference between the neighbor’s cat and the neighbor. It can tell the difference between a person and a shadow? This is very helpful when you are trying to work and relying on your phone to not go off every time the wind blows, and just notify you when someone is actually at the door… even if visitors don’t ring the bell.

This Video Doorbell has an expanded 150° vertical Field of View (FOV) (vertical format to match your phone!!), so you CAN see more! Like packages on the ground. No more looking across the porch and not seeing what’s placed on the ground below the camera. That’s the point right? To be notified when the delivery guys comes, and then look through the camera to see what’s now sitting on your porch? Have you ever noticed that not all doorbell cameras have the same field of view? The older ones often were landscape oriented, which is great for watching your front yard; not so much for watching what was actually on your front stoop.

Is your doorbell camera smart enough for you? Does it know when it’s after sundown (or before sunrise) and automatically turn your front porch light on when someone is there? Wait? What?! This Video Doorbell CAN integrate features like lights to be triggered automatically! Or do you want to open the garage door so the UPS guy can drop that big package right inside the garage and out of the weather? Right from the in-app doorbell call screen, go ahead and click to open it… then close the garage when he’s done. Your relatives get to the house before you? Unlock the front door and disarm the alarm all with one click on the same screen of the app. By the way, an app that was created and maintained by a company that was originally a secure online data company. It is part of Alarm.com’s very robust platform that puts security and privacy ahead of, thereby enhancing, make-my-life easier convenience.

Alarm.com is well regarded for its safety, security, and also innovation. This particular product was introduced at the 2021 CES show in January, where IT won an award; the 2021 TWICE Picks Award. You see, this Video Doorbell can be fully Touchless. IT connects to standard mechanical and digital chimes (some others out there do not), or even without a chime. Wait? What?!? Yes, an existing installed door chime is actually not needed. If you don’t need the “ring” of the bell, you can rely totally on the app notifications, or other ways to alert you (continue on reader).

How can a Video Doorbell BE touchless? Isn’t that how they work? Press the bell and the software sends a notice to your phone? Not necessarily with this one! The “bell” works through analytics, so no one needs to touch anything. Well, except you touching your own phone to respond in the app. But, visitors can just arrive, wave, and answer when you talk to them. When the installer (His Security & Technology here in East TN, of course), sets up your Video Doorbell, they will set up the analytics. You decide what part of your porch, stoop, sidewalk, etc. needs to be set as the zone to trigger the app.


If it’s critical to your situation, BE more diligent about reducing contact with your visitors. So no one is tempted and then you’re having to disinfect it every time someone presses the doorbell, you can buy a cover to make the device really touchless. It offers written instructions instead of a push button. You can even buy a door mat that say’s “Stand Here to Ring”, but it’s not required. Part of the installation process His Security & Technology follows is to set up the device the way you need it to be. We are here to solve problems, and offer thoughtful solutions that will actually work.

NOW, even those who are hearing impaired, and can’t rely on a doorbell chime, can utilize this device! Instead of a chime, the approach of a person at the front door can trigger a signaling light. You get to decide how you want the process to work, and choose which other integrated devices in the home need to respond. If you have the right security panel, you can see the camera feed right there! This is perfect for the kids, your cleaning person, guests in the home… anyone that does not have, or need to have, app access to your camera. They can still get notified and then see who is there before they answer, right in your entry way.

NOW, we can offer a best-in-class Video Doorbell that has improved performance through HD resolution and improved two-way audio, battery heater for low-temperature operation, and a better 2×2 antenna for improved WiFi range. Not just increased speed of the push notification launching directly into live view for real time conversations, you can also upload to save video clips, along with the audio that was recorded at the time.

For months, everyone needed a way to take deliveries and safely interact with visitors. Now, with warmer months and increased opportunities for getting out of the house and back to work, or enjoying some outdoor recreation, you might just need to have a way to stay connected with what’s happening at home from wherever you are. We’ve got an app for that. …Plus a few awesome devices that can make your life much easier, safer, and more secure. Let’s talk about solutions you can actually live with!

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