It’s a whole new world out there! Light speed evolution of Technology has resulted in much confusion, some disinformation, and a general need on our part to try to share more about what’s happening in our industry. This, for us, is especially important as it applies to our neighbors here in East TN.

Communicating well with the members of our community is essential to us. So, we are reactivating our blog! We have some great information in the works to share with you each month. Topics will fall under a few categories including: New Technology and Services, Current Customer Updates, Did-You-Know?, Business Solutions, and His Security in the Community.

So, let’s start unpacking!

It seems like every day something new appears on the horizon of technology development that we have to look at and evaluate for the benefits it might provide. We weigh those benefits against privacy and security risks. It is one of the reasons we choose not to sell or service certain brands and prefer others. We are, after all, a security company at our core. We are fully licensed with the state of Tennessee as an alarm contractor for burglary, fire, and CCTV (video). That shiny new thing might have pretty packaging, but what’s hidden underneath? Unlike the IT guy working out of his garage who will connect just about anything (if you pay him what he wants), we adhere to a standard of professional protection. We hold to, and advocate for, device selection, system usage, installation techniques, and maintenance processes that will serve our clients best while providing more security, not less.

Anyone who has been in our office knows we have a great conference/training room. It is not just there to show off what you could have in your own space; we conduct classes open to the public in that room! Due to the pandemic, we have shifted away from inviting our customers in for refresher/question-and-answer sessions. These days, we are trying to provide more how-to documents and videos available online. As more of those are created and made available, we will be sharing them here in blog posts.  We hope they will be care packages for our customers to access at will, as needed.

Some people do not know that we provide a full complement of commercial technology products and services. From small businesses through medium stand-alone commercial buildings, up to large industrial campuses; we have solutions for structured wiring/cabling for internet and telephones, conference room audio and video, surveillance cameras and perimeter monitoring, access control for doors and gates, plus safety and security devices and monitoring. Because we are not a vendor for any one particular line or manufacturer of products, we can “think outside the box” to find solutions to resolve typical, as well as unusual, situations.

‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial’ are now often grouped together as ‘Resimercial’. We appreciate this concept of consolidation, as many small to mid-sized businesses could benefit from many of the smart home devices and features homeowners find beneficial: digital door locks, lighting and thermostat control, improved internet connectivity, etc. We will be posting and unwrapping great information on some options that exist now or are coming soon. As fellow businessmen and women, we are able to share and strategize alongside you; help you look at things with a new perspective to make your office/store/factory be more efficient (possibly saving you money), more secure, and safer for your customers and employees.

“In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor” is our motto. We truly believe in the blessings God bestows on us, but know that we must continue to always act as servants to our neighbors. As a result, we strive to participate in our community as much as possible through charity causes and events, municipal celebrations, professional trade associations, philanthropic organizations, business networks, and more. Not just content to watch and cheer on others from the sidelines, our owners and staff try to get involved and contribute. We would like you (dear readers) to do so as well. One of the best gifts we can give is to share opportunities to bless others.

His Security & Technology is an award-winning, locally owned and operated company that provides much more than just home security systems. We sell, install and maintain surveillance camera systems, smart home automation, Wi-Fi networks, plus access control and audio/video (indoors or outside) for homes and businesses. From something simple like hanging a TV properly over a fireplace to more complicated structured wiring when a building is under construction, we’ve got your technology needs covered. Known for our customer service, we strive to offer affordable solutions that actually work to make your life easier, more secure and safer.

If we can help you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact us!

His Security & Technology
His Security, LLC  TN Lic # 1545
“In God we trust, all others we monitor.”