Smart Security Systems and Technology for Home and Business



More Reliable, More Secure
Using the most reliable and secure communications and advanced tamper-resistant technology, you can rest assured that your home will stay protected.


Dedicated Communication. Dedicated and secure cellular communication provides safe and reliable uninterrupted protection – even if the phone, internet or broadband is down.

  • Reliable & fast cellular communication
  • No landline needed
  • In case of power failure, operates on backup battery power up to 24 hours
  • Safe for critical security messages – not shared with internet, entertainment or phone lines


Mobile App: Stay in control of your system at all times. You can arm and disarm your system, and check the arming status at any time.

Instant Alerts: Real-time notifications by text or email to know what’s happening at home, the moment it happens. Choose to receive alerts via text, push notification, email or phone call.

Personalized User Codes: Create unique user codes for your family and visitors, and know who’s coming and going, and who armed or disarmed the system. Enable or disable codes at any time.

History: Look back at activity over time or search for specific events. With our always-aware sensors and searchable event history, you can review any activity by sensor, type of event, date or time.


Image Sensor 
The motion sensor has evolved. Our wireless Image Sensor is an advanced PIR motion sensor with an onboard camera that captures a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you. Now, you can have at-a-glance visibility into what’s happening at home, wherever you are.



Keep your home comfortable and save energy — no wiring, patching or painting required. Energy Management is professionally installed, and integrates seamlessly into your smart home system. It uses learnings from across your home to provide smarter automation, and can be controlled remotely from your mobile app.

Create personalized schedules to automate lights and thermostats based on time and day of week, keeping your house comfortable and making it appear occupied when you’re away.

Save energy and stay comfortable, without compromise. Get truly smarter savings with an Energy Management Solution that combines easy to use automation, location-based optimization, intelligent learning, and triggered automation.


Smart Thermostat: Smart Thermostat is designed specifically for your smart home. It uses information from other smart devices to automatically save without sacrificing comfort.
Geo-Service: Get advanced, location-based thermostat automation that responds to you.
Recommendations: Get personalized recommendations to achieve your home’s optimal energy performance.
Extreme Tips: Save money automatically on extremely hot or cold days.


Upgrade your smart home with simple control and intelligent automation across all of your connected devices, all-in-one totally integrated system. You don’t have to worry about how to install a new device, or how to get your security system and lights to work together. Our professionally installed systems are configured to your home and controlled in one app; customized to fit you, your family, and your lifestyle.


Security, Energy Management, Access, Video, Geo-Location Services, Customized Notifications, Video Clips, Live Stream, and more!
A perfectly safe and harmonious house begins here.


At HIS Security, LLC it is our honor to provide a safer and smarter home for you and your loved ones. We specialize in the latest security systems and home automation services. We use cutting edge technology, professional grade equipment, reliable and secure systems that are tamper resistant and video & visual monitoring that is accessible from anywhere.

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smart_business-solUsing ​professional-grade security, energy management and video monitoring solutions.
Keep your business secure, gain awareness and instant visibility into key operational activities, and manage energy costs.